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The most distinctive feature in the development of modern sciences and technologies is that various sciences, which were classified so far according to their research objects and methodologies, penetrate and combine with each other gradually. Therefore, many new disciplines and technologies were born from boundary areas of those existing sciences. Today, from classical sciences to modern technologies, almost all sciences and technologies are depended on each other so closely that they cannot exist and grow independently and have to grow in harmony with each other. There is an abstract, general and cross-cutting concept that concerns all scientific methodologies and sciences, it is "Information".

The International Conference on Information is an interdisciplinary international conference series. It provides a forum for all scientists and technicians throughout the world to exchange scientific information such as original ideas, research methods and research results related to all scientific fields.

The first conference Information'2000 (Fukuoka, Japan), the second conference Information'2002 (Beijing, China), the third conference Information'2004 (Tokyo, Japan), the fourth conference Information'2006 (Cork, Ireland), the fifth conference Information'2009 (Kyoto, Japan), the sixth conference Information'2013 (Tokyo, Japan), the seventh conference Information'2015 (Taipei, Taiwan), the eighth conference Information'2017 (Tokyo, Japan) and the ninth conference, Information'2018 (Tokyo, Japan) has been held grandly separately. The 10th conference, Information'2021, will be held with an online Zoom meeting in Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan on March 6 - 8, 2021.

Information'2021 will include keynote addresses, invited speeches, special workshops, contributed presentations (Lectures or Posters). The conference proceeding will be published by International Information Institute (ISBN 4-901329) and available to delegates at the time of registration. And the papers presented in the conference will be selected as regular papers for publication in INFORMATION: An International Interdisciplinary Journal (ISSN 1343-4500).

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