INFORMATION'2017 / 2017 Tokyo Jiangsu Forum Program (Updating)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thursday, May 18 (Morning), Taisetsu Hall

8:30 – 9:00   Registration

9:00 – 9:10   Opening

Chair : Ruidong Li, NICT, Japan

Lei Li, Hosei University, Japan
Ryuichi Ashino, Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan

9:10 – 10:30   Keynote Speech (1)

Chair: Xuezhen Liu, Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd., Japan
Antennas for Internet of Things and Space Exploration
Prof. Hisamatsu Nakano, Hosei University, Japan

Active Neural Adaptive Fault-tolerant Control Design for Actuator Faults in UAV
Prof. Kang Yen, Florida International University, USA

10:30 – 10:40   Coffee Break

10:40 – 12:00   Keynote Speech (2)

Chair: Delin Cheng, Yancheng Kanglinda Biotechnology, Co., Ltd., China
Timetable Optimization for Single Bus Line with Big Data
Prof. Xiang Li, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Gender Stereotype and Culture among Young Korean Computer Game Players
Prof. Doo Heon Song, Vice President of KIICE, Korea

Thursday, May 18 (Afternoon), Asuka Hall

13:00 – 14:40  Session A-1 (Poster) : IT Convergence

Organizer: Prof. Doo Heon Song, KIICE Vice President, Korea

Design of MQTT based on IoT Service Server
Am-Suk Oh (Tongmyong University, Korea)

Analysis on SimEvents-based FMS Modeling and Simulation Performance
Hyun-Jun Shin and Chang-Heon Oh (Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea)

A study on the Effective Algorithms for Numerical conformal Mapping
Eun-Jee Song (Namseoul University, Korea)

Analysis of Doping-Concentration-Dependent Threshold Voltages for Sub-10 nm Double Gate MOSFET
Hakkee Jung (Kunsan National University, Korea)

Data Frame for Data Sharing and Management
Chul Hyun Hwang and Hoekyung Jung (PciChai University, Korea)

Development of an IoT-Assisted Mental Care Support System Based on EEG
Jae-hyun Lim, Yun-gi Park, Munkhtsetseg, Yongsoo Park (Namseoul University, Korea), II-Yeup Ahn (Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea), Jeongwook Seo (Namseoul University, Korea)

FCM-based Automatic Extraction of Brachial Artery from Ultrasound Images
Joonsung Park (Kyung-Hee University, Korea), Doo Heon Song (Yong-in SongDam College, Korea), Kwang Baek Kim (Silla University, Korea)

Lateral Flexion and Rotation of Neck Bone (Cervical Spine)
Seong-Yoon Shin and Jong-Ryul Kim (Kunsan National University, Korea)

14:40 – 14:50   Coffee Break

14:50 – 16:30  Session A-2

Chair: Hakkee Jung, Kunsan National University, Korea

Modeling and Reconstruction of High-dimensional Information
Dariusz Jacek Jakobczak (Koszalin University of Technology, Poland)

Integrating Business Intelligence into an Enterprise System
Haryani Haron and Wan Faezah Abbas (Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia), Che Aslinaliza Che Ahmed (Institute of Geology Malaysia, Malaysia)

A Predictive Model to Evaluate Students' Intention to Use Academic Blogging
Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohamad Said (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia), Babakura Mamman (University of Maiduguri, Nigeria)

Response Characteristics of Vibration System with Friction Subjected to Nonstationary Random Vibration
Shigeru Aoki and Katsumi Kurita (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Japan)

Workload of Using Digital Products while Driving
Lin Wang and Jaehyun Park (Incheon National University, Korea)

16:30 – 16:40   Coffee Break

16:40 – 18:00  Session A-3

Chair: Khadijah Ismail, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia, Malaysia

Analysis of a Multi-mode Semiconductor Laser Chaos with Optical Delayed Feedback by the Chaos Degree
Kei Inoue (Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi, Japan), Fumiyoshi Kuwashima (Fukui University, Japan)

The Effects of Data Points Overlapping in Classification Problem
Donghee Yoon, Suemin Kim, Hanbin Koh and Dohyun Kim (Myongji University, Korea)

Shari'ah Compliant Stocks - A Descriptive Analysis
Nor Suhaira Jamil(Kolej Komuniti Sabak Bernam, Malaysia), Hamizah Hassan(Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia)

Bruner's Folk Pedagogy Theory and Its Educational Implication
Hyeon-suk Kang and Ji-eun Lee (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

Thursday, May 18 (Afternoon), Taisetsu West Hall

13:00 – 14:20   Session B-1

Chair: Yu-Teng Jang, Tunghai University, Taiwan

Study on the Integration of Backward Design to Narrative Theory
Hyeon-Suk Kang, Hye-Won Shin, Jieun-Lee (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

Characterization of Essential Oils with Anti-depression Properties
Khadijah Ismail (Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia, Malaysia) Wardah Abdul Razak, Chew Sue Ping, Latifah Sarah Supian and Hizrin Dayana Mohd Hidzir (Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia, Malaysia)

Customer Satisfaction Measurement of Halal Cosmetics Products Transactions of the Malaysian Consumers
Bee Li Yeo (University College Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia), Dr Rozita Hj Naina Mohamed (University Technology Mara, Malaysia)

Theoretical Possibilities of Bruner's Curriculum Theory
Hyeon-suk Kang (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

14:20 – 14:30   Coffee Break

14:30 – 16:10   Session B-2

Chair: Am-Suk Oh, Tongmyong University, Korea

Mechanical Properties of Welded Joint of SUS 304 Thin Plate after Reducing Residual Stress using Ultrasonic Vibration
Akitoshi Okamoto, Shigeru Aoki, Katsumi Kurita (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Japan), Shigeomi Koshimizu (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan), Akira Maekawa (Kansai Electric Power Company.Inc, Japan)

Selection of Effective Internal Parameters for Small Size Spherical Damper Using Silicon Oil
Tetsuhiko owa, Shigeru Aoki, Katsumi Kurita (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Japan)

Response Reduction Effects by Seismic Isolation System using New Friction Bearings
Katsumi Kurita, Shigeru Aoki (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Japan), Mitsuo Kanazawa (Kanazawa Seisakusyo Corp., Ltd., Japan)

Similar Image Search using the DCT Sign Hash
Takaharu Kouda, Yasunobu Nishi, Hideakiong Orii (Fukuoka University, Japan)

Collaboration of Information and Innovation Sharing among SMEs in Thailand
Narissara Kitipat, Sawat Wannarat (Kasetsart University, Thailand)

16:10 – 16:20   Coffee Break

16:20 – 18:00   Session B-3

Chair: Chin Mui Yin, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia

Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Knapsack Problem with Queuing Delays under Uncertainty
Drebom Ahn, Seohee Kim and Chungmok Lee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea)

Designing an Innovative System Architecture for Mobile Advertising in Urban Area
Yu-Teng Jacky Jang (TungHai University, Taiwan), Kevin Lai (Mills College, California, USA)

A Method to Extract Size-feelings from Customer-reviews
Dongli Han, Takehiro Ishibashi, Kyosuke Takanami and Ryo Shinozaki (Nihon University, Japan)

Constructing a Composite Leading Indicator for the Global Crude Oil Price
Chin-Hong Puah, Mei-Teing Chong, and Shazali Abu Mansor (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia)

Determinants of CO2 Emissions in Malaysia: The New Aspect
Mui-Yin Chin (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia), Chin-Hong Puah (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia), Cia-Ling Teo, Justina Joseph (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia)

Thursday, May 18 (Afternoon), Taisetsu East Hall

13:00 – 14:40   Session C-1

Chair: Chang-Heon Oh, Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea

Refinements of Young Inequality and its Reverse
Shigeru Furuichi (Nihon University, Japan)

Sequences of the All Space-filling Periodic Polyhedral Honeycombs
Robert C. Meurant (Institute of Traditional Studies, Korea)

Recognizing Unconstrained Handwritten Digit Based on Shape Analysis and Multiclass SVM Classification
Di Wu, Nansong Wu, Kaiman Zeng (Arkansas Tech University, USA)

Building Keyword Networks using k-Means Clustering and Spanning Trees
Han-joon Kim and Han-mook Ryu (University of Seoul, Korea)

Irrigation System Using PLC and Arduino
Mechelle Grace Zaragoza and Haeng-Kon Kim (Catholic University of Daegu, Korea)

14:40 – 14:50   Coffee Break

14:50 – 16:20   Session C-2

Chair: 司 宏俊(東京大学)

Multilevel Programming Model for Multiple Depot Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Urban Hazmat Transportation
Jiaoman Du (Hosei University), Xiang Li(Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China), 李 磊(法政大学)

司 宏俊 (東京大学)

王 勤学 (国立環境研究所)

16:20 – 16:30   Coffee Break

16:30 – 18:00   Session C-3

Chair: 韓 東力(日本大学)

Safe and Precision Medicine : Patient-Specific Simulation and Support System for Endoscopic Surgery
劉 学振 (三菱プレシジョン株式会社)

馬 暁平 (日中経済文化交流センター)

Physiological Function and Intestinal Behavior of Sulfur-containing Constituents in Vegetables
程 徳林 (塩城康林達バイオテクノロジー)

18:30 – 21:00  Conference Dinner(懇親会), Fuji East Hall(富士東)

司会 : 芦野 隆一(大阪教育大学教授)


李 磊(法政大学理工学部長)
Kang Yen(米国フロリダ国際大学教授)


木村 憙(日中産学官交流機構常任幹事)


柳澤 章(日本工業大学理事長)

Friday, May 19, Hosei University

9:00 – 11:30  Open Seminar

13:30 – 16:30  Visiting Lab's of Hosei University

Conference Closing